So this morning I awoke to find life had giving me a bag of lemons.Chin up, I thought to myself, and so as the saying goes “when life gives you lemons, well… make lemon-aid,” So I grabbed those lemons and squeezed with all my might.

The juice shot out of them like a fire hose in action. One wild spray came barreling at my face, I ducked, bobbed and even threw in a weave or two, but not in time, it hit me straight in the eye, blinding me instantly. Oh the pain, the agony…
I tossed the lemons to the floor to wipe the burning juice from my eye, only to realize to late that I still had juice on my hands… a-lot of juice … both hands and now YES, both eyes…. acting quickly I headed to the sink to rinse my eyes with cool water, again forgetting about the lemons I had just moments earlier tossed to the floor.
As soon as I stepped forward my foot hit a squished lemon and slide out in front of me about 12 feet…. I was now on the floor in a fill split…. a trick I had never in my life preformed before, but was executed so perfectly, scoring a perfect 10 I’m sure.
I lay there for a moment not sure what my next move should be…. but eventually the burning in my eyes out weighed the pain in my, well, everything below the waist.
I rolled to my side and drug myself slowly to the sink. Not able to see I leaned in to get under the running water but under estimated the distance to the sink and smacked my nose on the facet. So now with black eyes, Nose bleeding, Eyes watering and burning fire red and muscles I never knew I had hurting I welcomed the day.
The lesson here: Be very careful when making lemon-aid…..lol…lemon


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