One and the Other

one and the other

Title: One and the Other

There once was just One,
then along came number two.
One wore superman underwear,
The Other, patten leather shoes.

One, 3 years older, quick
and sharp as a tack.
The Other, though younger,
couldn’t be held back.

One was big,
bull like and rough.
The Other small,
fragile looking yet tough.

One is so different,
neither is like the Other.
Both with giant hearts
this Sister and this Brother.

One would sneak out of bed
to play games in the hall.
Hearing mom on the stairs
he’d leave the Other to take the fall.

One was into bike races,
Skateboards and knee patches.
The Other told her papa,
when One played with matches.

One had so many ex-rays
We’d tease he’d glow in the dark..
The Other skinned up her face,
once, while at the park.

One gave his mom heck,
The Other, showed no fears,
Each so full of love and life
We’ve had so many good years.

One, is our Son
The Other, our Daughter.
We, are forever the lucky ones,
Me, and their Father.

All My Love


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