What the Bee

“News to me… Picture this: You get in your car, excited to go see your grand baby for lunch. You start the car, pull onto the street and… OUCH… a giant bumble bee falls from around your shoulder, bouncing its way down your body and under your butt … Yes your butt… now remember your still driving… Realizing it has just stung you in the neck… (probably right in your jugular)… you look down only to see it is still trying to sting you in the butt. You find the nearest pull-over spot and hit the brakes, jump from the car, hopping up in down (just in case)… realizing this vicious bug is still flopping around on your car seat in search of more skin to pierce. Although, it has clearly already lost its stinger in your carotid artery, Its not going down without a fight. You frantically search your car for an appropriate weapon to use on this worthy foe. While dodging the traffic as its wizzing by you, you weight the odds and brave the new battle of the bee…. With weapon in hand you take aim… and Flick that little bastard off the car seat, out the door and hop up and down on him. Now all that left is to limb yourself back to the car, search your body for battle scars…and carry on knowing you may have been stung but… YOU and YOU alone, have defeated a might force of nature. The true and terrifying story of my life, or at least for today…. lol”Bee 2013


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