Picture Phiction


Picture Phiction

This is the first installment photo for the Picture Phiction writers.

Picture Phiction.


2 thoughts on “Picture Phiction

  1. She boarded the private plane, not at all sure where her carefree, spontaneous boss’s current whim would whisk them to next. No action was, if even briefly, ever thought out in advance. If he wanted to go or do something he just did it. He was always taking her here and dragging her there. He showed no concern for her obligations or her time and his insistence she always be at his beck and call was wearing thin on her, particularly today.

    It was cold and dreary out, not at all a day she would prefer to be out jet setting about on one of his wild goose chases as she had recently started calling these little excursion. To top her day off she was already farther behind on her work for the week than she wanted to admit. Then there was the little nagging anxiety which had been looming over her this whole month. Crazy that the thought of turning Thirty seemed to weigh on her more than she was prepared to admit.

    “Not a good day for this”, she thought to herself.

    He was already on board , waiting for her arrival and he greeted her with a smile as she peeked her head into the plane.

    “Good Morning”, she said low on pep.
    “Good morning”, he said in return, more enthusiastic then hers was.

    She looked up at his cheerful demeanor, noting he seemed different this morning, almost cheerful. She took the seat directly across from him. The large couch was very comfortable and the leather was always warm and soft to the touch. The couch itself seemed out of place to her as if it would be better suited in a lush open home to lye upon rather than for working on as they generally did in this confined space.

    “So where are we off to this lovely day”? She said not evening trying to hide her duress.

    “Where ever your hearts desire my dear”. He said kicking her heel gently with his foot.

    “It is your birthday.”

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