Picture Phiction Photo #4

It’s Wednesday.  Time for a new Photo.  



Hello fellow writers.

Just a friendly reminder to join us at the Picture Phiction Group, come visit, read our stories, and have some fun. In this group you are encouraged to write your own individual ideas either off the cuff or well thought out descriptions, adventures, stories, or whatever you like about the photo that has been provided. Each Wednesday a new photo will be added and new themes are encouraged. Each member can write, critique or just vote for any submission. If at the end of the week there is a clear winner of the popular vote such will be announced before the next week.  Love to see you there.


Picture Phiction – Photo 2-

Just a reminder that submissions for Photo 2 are due by Tuesday 1/22/2013.Image

I am really excited about next weeks post.  I have been given permission by an online artist to use some of his work in Picture Phiction.  The picture we agreed on for next week is incredible and should really inspire creativity.

I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Truly, RR